Juan Manuel Martinez Perez (SP)

Good morning, my name is Juanma Martínez and I am the owner of the kennel “Boxers de Collserola”.
I have been involved with boxers more than 25 years in exibitions and working dogs. I have had some Atibox Champions at home. I have attend all the biggest shows in the Boxer world along this 25 years.
I have been member of the Spanish Team at the Atibox Working Championship in Benicarlo 2002 with a boxer at the IPO III level.
I think I am ready to judge at this important event in Romania and try to do my job in the best way and decide who are the best boxers and who are the more representative of the boxer standard.
I am very lucky because I have shared with the best breeders and judges all this time, but mostly I have shared the last 15 years with “The Breeder” Alessandro Tanoni and it has been an unforgetable experience. I have already judged important tittles in different continents.
I wait for you in Romania at the Atibox 2019. See you there and I wish everybody enjoy this beautiful show.
Thanks to all.
Fédération Cynologique Internationale