Fabrizio Censi (IT)

My name is Fabrizio Censi, I’m boxer breeder, dell’Augusta Perusia kennel since 1980. From 1993 I’m international judge for boxers and other breeds from group 2.
In my breeding activity I have achieved good results, more than twenty italian champions, international champions and more others titles.
I’m an executive of Kennel Club Perugino and I had many responsibilities into Boxer Club Italia.
I’m a specialist judge, trainer and certified for judge boxer selection. I judged all over Europe in boxer championships national show and for other breed too.
I judged four editions at ATIBOX show in last years. This will be the fifth time and for this chance I want to thank you to Romanian Boxer Club and International Association ATIBOX that gives me this new possibility.
I hope that a lot of boxer friends will come to see this new edition and especially to participate with their boxers. I hope that this ATIBOX becomes one of the most important of last years that I lived together with the Boxer!
Thank you.
Fédération Cynologique Internationale